Rustic Chic Weddings – What the Hell Does That Mean Anyway

One of the trendiest catch phrases country-style marriages today is “rustic chic weddings,” and it frankly has a lot of people scratching their heads. I thought it would be worth exploring, especially because here in Central Oregon, so many weddings fall under that category and there are an incredible plethora of venues that would be perfect for a couple looking to plan their own ceremony with a splash of rustic chic.

Let’s start with some tangible decorating themes indicative of a rustic chic weddings:

Old Barns


Wildflowers in Mason Jars

Fresh fruit and berries

Antique or western style dresses

Cowboy boots

French Influence

Pink Ribbon

Antique Silver


Lots of wood, sticks and stems

Tea Lights

I think the best way to describe a rustic chic wedding is one that has an element of the outdoors woven throughout, whether this is birch branch candle holders or twig incased signs labeling the dinner options. Textures are natural and organic, sweet and homey. There is homage paid to the days of yore when suspenders and cowboy boots and mason jars were just a way of life. The brides and bridesmaid’s dresses are often antique or vintage and the grooms and groomsmen also add a bit of country-whimsy to their style.

In the summer of 2014, I played the wedding of one of my best friend’s from high school, Annie Dubois in Bozeman, MT at the Big Yellow Barn. This wedding was quintessential rustic chic: big mountains in the distance, wildflowers everywhere, a big old barn with all kinds of noks and crannies… The catering was also done country southern style on the rehearsal dinner night and everyone raved about how it was better than the day of. The songs they picked were also perfect in this setting: “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty, “Annie’s Song” by John Denver (You Fill Up My Senses), and finally “Tennessee Waltz” for the groom and mother’s first dance.

Here are some really cool websites out there to aid in inspiration and ideas:


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