Your Oregon Hipster Wedding – Don’t Go Overboard

It’s tempting, I know. Finally, it’s your day and you get to make all the decisions. You’re not at work, your not at your parents house. And hell, there’s nothing wrong with trying to impress a friend or two with your incredibly hip taste. But there’s nothing cool about trying too hard. So if you find yourself doing almost everything on this list, nix a few things. Too much is tacky, right?

Vintage Wedding Dresses

The options are endless from Parisian glamour, to mid-century to classic vintage dresses are not only more economical, they fit the mood of a lot of Oregon weddings that tend to be in woodsy or historic settings, or in hotels whose decor often gives a nod to the past. There is both a quality and character to vintage dresses that will give a timeless appearance to your wedding photos. Unless you can score something on Ebay, your going to have to head to the big city for this one, ladies. Portland has a number of great shops including Xtabay Vintage Bridal Salon, and AlexSandra’s Vintage Emporium.

Blackboards – Everywhere

From the seating chart, to signs labeling the buffet, creatively drawn signs on chalk boards harken us back to the days before the dry eraser.

Mason Jars – Everywhere

From cocktail glasses to flower vases, mason jars are adorable (but can definitely be overkill.) Some cool ideas I’ve seen are using large ones for wildflowers along lining the aisle on iron hooks. They are definitely a great option for drinks as they are cheap and reusable.


Create an atmosphere of enchanting wonder by creatively placing tiny lights both indoors and out. Both dreamy and timeless. These are especially cool in the summer when your guests will be outside most of the night.


It seems that more than one bride missed the message that that Portlandia episode about birds was supposed to be ironic, but what the hell. Go for another animal… like bears. I can already see the wedding invitations created by one of your friend’s who is a graphic designer. Mamma and papa bear riding a tandem off into the sunset.

An obscure indiefolk song as the processional

I personally could not be more of a fan of this, so if you are looking for something to nix, let this be the last off your list!!! Even better would be a top 40s pop song… only your hipster friends will get the irony.


Make your grand entrance on a Schwinn! Have bike valet parking, or even better make a cruise through town a part of the reception. These are great for city weddings, where a lot of your friends will be arriving by bike, or in lake lodge settings where riding around on borrowed bikes will make it feel even more like summer camp.

Locally Sourced Food

While our eastern brethren might adhere to such standards in catering such as high-brow/low-brow (hot dogs and foie gras… eeew BTW), the Oregon hipster has one priority and one priority only: to have as much local and organic food at their wedding as their caterer will provide. And why wouldn’t we, with the incredible abundance available in the Valley?

So in conclusion, whether you live here or are coming to Oregon especially for your wedding, keep your cool in check during the planning processes. The best weddings allude to things without throwing them in your face, and guests of your generation will appreciate those details only they were clued-in enough to notice.

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