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IPhone for Your Wedding

These days, even grandma has an IPhone, so there is zero reason to give everyone a disposable camera like the old days. The problem is, how do we gather all those photos your friends and family snap in a buzzed up haze?

Most would argue that hashtags do the trick, but the issue there is that your guests will have to remember to add the tag and to actually “post” the photo, which we all know, many of them won’t.

There’s a new free app in iTunes called WedPics Wedding App which will collect all photos and videos taken by your guests the day of the event and collect them in one place for the bride to enjoy forever or repost to Facebook or order prints as they see fit. It’s gotten rave reviews from Mashable and TechCrunch, and has two million happy users, so I think it is safe to say, this app would make a fantastic compliment to your professional wedding photos.

It is as simple as inviting guests to the app before the day of. WedPics will then aggregate all the photos taken by your friends and family that day in a place where they all can view them. It creates a sense of intimacy and lasting memories for those in attendance.

There are all kinds of tips on WedPics website about how to make the most of this app, but they have truly thought of everything in terms of getting guests to engage, from inviting them via text, email and FB to having a readymade printable poster for you to print out and post on your wedding day.

One really cool idea they have is a “photo scavenger hunt” which creates just a little motivation for your guests to go out of their way and play photographer. If you have in attendance a creative bunch, this could certainly create a monster of people pointing their phones at each other for hours on end, but in all likelihood they will do a few, and then get swept up in catching up with old friends.

Gere were a few ideas:

Best/Worst Dancer

People clinking glasses

Someone making a toast

Favorite Decoration

…you get the idea.

So, if you are looking for a way to get your guests to send you their photos from the big day without worrying about hashtags, etc. the WedPics App is a great solution and will give people motivation to capture some really cool moments on your special day.